What is Slack AI?

This AI bot designed to help users catch up on work conversations within threads & channels. Currently available as a paid add-on, pricing not yet disclosed.

Key Features

Thread & Channel Summaries:  It analyzes conversations and presents key points & action items. Improved Search:  It find information within team's knowledge base quickly and easily.


Saves time by eliminating the need to scroll through lengthy conversations. Helps catch up on missed information after meetings or vacations. Provides quick access to expert knowledge within channels.

How it Works

Click the star symbol in a thread/channel to access summaries. Choose summaries for recent conversations or specific timeframes. Use search bar to find information explained in past conversations.

Privacy & Security

Slack assures users no customer data is used to train the AI models. Large language models hosted within Slack's secure virtual private cloud.

The Race of Generative AI 

Slack joins Salesforce, Microsoft & Google in offering AI-powered workplace tools. Generative AI expected to play a growing role in enterprise communication.