Best AI tools for students (free & latest)

In 2023, there are tons of cool new AI tools being created by AI companies. Every day, fresh tools are popping up left and right. And guess what?

The education sector is also jumping on the AI bandwagon, creating awesome tools for everyone to benefit from.

So, if you want to supercharge your learning journey, make sure to get a good grip on these AI tools. There are both paid and free AI tools available in the market.

Now, let’s dive right into the best AI tools for students – and the best part is, they’re all free! Let’s go!

Best free AI tools for students

The following are the best free AI tools for students. Look no further! These tools are designed to simplify your learning journey. So, let’s dive in and discover the power of AI in education!

Humata AI:

An AI tool that helps businesses analyze and understand large amounts of data efficiently. It leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to provide valuable insights and predictions.


A smart tutoring tool that uses AI to personalize learning experiences. It adapts to individual needs, tracks progress, and provides tailored recommendations to improve learning outcomes.


A tool designed to simplify and streamline the process of organizing and managing research papers. It uses AI to extract key information, categorize papers, and provide quick access to relevant documents.


An AI-powered virtual assistant that offers personalized recommendations and suggestions based on user preferences. It aims to enhance productivity and help users discover new and relevant content.


A tool that uses AI algorithms to detect and identify potential biases or ethical issues in AI models and datasets. It helps ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI systems.


An intelligent computational knowledge engine that provides answers and generates insights based on a vast collection of curated data. It covers a wide range of topics, from mathematics and science to history and culture.

A platform that offers practical courses and resources for learning and implementing AI. It focuses on making AI accessible to a wider audience and emphasizes hands-on experience and real-world applications.

ELI5 (Explain Like I’m 5):

A tool that simplifies complex concepts and explanations using plain language. It breaks down complicated topics into easy-to-understand explanations, making it suitable for learners of all ages.


An AI-powered writing assistant that helps users improve their writing skills. It provides grammar and style suggestions, identifies repetitive phrases, and offers alternative word choices to enhance clarity and conciseness.


An interactive quiz platform that utilizes AI to create engaging quizzes and assessments. It offers a wide range of topics and customizable options, making it ideal for both educational and entertainment purposes.

All Search AI:

A search engine powered by AI algorithms that aims to provide more accurate and relevant search results. It continuously learns and improves based on user interactions, enhancing the overall search experience.

Teach Anything:

An AI-powered platform that enables users to create and share online courses on any subject. It offers tools for content creation, student engagement, and assessment, making it suitable for educators and knowledge-sharing enthusiasts.


An AI tool that automatically converts spoken language into written text. It helps streamline transcription tasks, saving time and effort for professionals such as journalists, researchers, and content creators.

Is AI good or bad for students?

AI has both positive and negative implications for students. On the positive side, AI can enhance learning experiences by providing personalized education, adaptive learning platforms, and virtual tutors. According to a recent study, 84% of teachers believe that AI can improve student outcomes.


However, there are concerns as well. Some worry that AI might replace human teachers, leading to a lack of human connection and empathy in the classroom. Additionally, there are concerns about data privacy and the ethical use of AI in education.

Overall, while AI has the potential to greatly benefit students, it is important to carefully consider its implementation to ensure that it is used ethically and in a way that enhances, rather than replaces, the role of human teachers.

How is AI used by students?

AI is making waves in student life! It’s being used in various ways to enhance learning and improve academic performance. Did you know that around 47% of students use AI-powered study tools?

These tools offer personalized recommendations, adaptive learning, and instant feedback, helping students grasp concepts faster and study more efficiently.

With AI, students can access virtual tutors, automated essay graders, and even AI-powered language learning apps. It’s revolutionizing the way students learn and achieve their goals.

Which AI is better than ChatGPT?

When it comes to AI tools that outperform ChatGPT, a few stand out. OpenAI’s GPT-3 is hailed as one of the most powerful language models, with an impressive 175 billion parameters. Google’s BERT excels in understanding natural language and delivering accurate search results.

ChatGPT Monthly Estimated Monthly Visiters

Facebook’s Roberta has shown exceptional performance in NLP tasks. GPT-3 and BERT are widely adopted, while RoBERTa is a dependable AI tool.

So, if you’re looking for the best AI tools that better ChatGPT, GPT-3, BERT, and RoBERTa are definitely worth exploring.

Last Words

To sum it up, the world of artificial intelligence is huge, and its impact on our daily lives, especially in education and personal growth, is mind-blowing. By using smart tools, we unlock endless possibilities for customized learning, efficient info management, better search experiences, and much more.

But hey, let’s not forget to be cautious with this powerful tech, especially when it comes to data privacy and preserving the human touch in education. With advancements like GPT-3, BERT, and Roberta, the future of AI looks even more exciting.


Is AI good for students?

Absolutely! It can enhance learning, provide personalized assistance, and streamline educational tasks.

What is the best AI for exams?

Well, there are several great options, but it depends on your needs. Some popular ones include Proctorio, ExamSoft, and ProProctor.

Which AI tool is best for students?

Again, it depends on what you’re looking for. Some recommended options are Grammarly for writing assistance, Wolfram Alpha for math help, and Quizlet for studying and flashcards.

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